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Neil grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and had his first experience with music at the age of 8 when he took up saxophone in school because it was the only instrument they offered which was also played by SHA NA NA (Neil's favorite band!). By the age of 10, Neil discovered the guitar and just immersed in it teaching himself from books and a few formal lessons, but mostly by ear from his collection of rock n' roll records.  There wasn't much for a kid to do in Indanapolis besides find trouble (and Neil found a LOT of it!) so the guitar became his main outlet throughout the teenage years and he played in many garage bands during that time.

In 1986 when Neil was 18 years old and quite versed on the guitar by that time, he encountered a guitarist wanted ad  on a wall while getting a repair done at a local music store. The ad was from a Florida-based punk rock band called STEVIE STILETTO who had with a few records out on an independent label.
 Stevie Stiletto
Apparently their guitarist decided to quit the band in the middle of a road trip and they were looking for someone who could step in right away and get them through the remaining dates. Neil answered the ad, met the band and stayed up all night learning their entire latest album, auditioned the next night and landed the spot. The very next day, Neil quit his job flipping burgers at Hardee's, quit school, dumped his girlfriend, sold his car, moved away from home and was on the road with a crazy rock band!

Eventually, the band landed back in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida which they used as their launching base for several tours before making the decision to relocate to San Francisco, CA to participate in the burgeoning punk rock movement underway.

Neil continued touring and recording with STEVIE STILETTO for 5 years when in 1991 the band finally imploded in Lubbock, Texas (the singer of the group, Ray McKelvey still performs with a re-worked and amazing lineup of the band in Jacksonville, Florida to this day).

Neil then began releasing his own records and CDs as well as Neil Smith - Barf At The Moontouring and recording domestically and overseas on various independent record labels solo and also with such bands as GARGOYLES and WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES among others.

How did Neil become a country artist? Oddly enough, Neil found his love for country music while living in all places... SAN FRANCISCO while driving a delivery truck for a flower shop for a year and a half. You see, this truck only had an AM radio in it which left just 4 choices, conservative talk shows, sports, Radio Disney and one lonesome classic country station (which did not play ANY "young country") which served as a mobile school for Neil and instilled a deep love for the roots of this music (Hank Sr. and Jr. George Jones, Statler Brothers, Oak Ridge Boys, Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, the list goes on and on...). Since that time, the seed was sown and it was only a matter of time before a full-blown country release had to come out.

Neil relocated to Los Angeles in 1999 to take advantage of better Neil Smithmusic opportunities and began running his own entertainment company providing music services for events of all types and it has grown into a successful business which provides for his family to this day!

In 2012, Neil and family made the choice to uproot from Los Angeles after some good successes and relocate to the greater Nashville area of Tennessee in search of a better family environment, affordability and a more business-friendly setting.

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CONTACT:   NEIL SMITH   615-200-8335